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Brush-hogging has the added benefits of:

Mechanical Weed Control (Preventing weeds from overgrowing, developing strong root systems and producing mature seeds), and Rodent and Pest Control! 


​Brush-hogging is a proven value-add property maintenance service for your property.  By mowing your large fields and plots of land during the Summer and Fall seasons and eliminating the heavy grasses and thick brush, it prevents them from becoming invasive and overtaking the land.  This time-proven farming method is done in order to promote field health and prevent the domination of invasive vegetation, as well as enhancing and maintaining the beauty of the landscape.

Large-area Rototilling

Rototilling is the best way to quickly establish or expand a garden by quickly breaking up the soil and weeds. It is almost impossible to cultivate healthy plant or vegetable gardens in hard soil without rototilling.  The Spring and Fall are the most effective times to rototill.  In the Spring, tilling the soil before growing season, and in the Fall, after the plants are starting to die back.  While this is usually a strenuous and time consuming job if done by hand, by using the proper equipment, we are able to get the job done quickly and are able to loosen tightly compacted soil and get down into the ground even deeper.

Other benefits of Rototilling are:                      

Compacted soil makes it difficult for the plants roots to shift through the soil to receive the necessary oxygen and nutrients, which is key for your plants maximum health and fertility.  Rototillers cut through impermeable soil, break up clumps and mixes the soil particles into a looser form, more hospitable to plant life.

​Additional Services

Whether you have one acre or ten, The Country Cutter should be your first call for large-area finish mowing (1 acre or more),  lot clearing, brush-hogging, snow relocation, post-hole digging - if you want it done right, and at the best price!

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